About me

I am a designer and maker with a background in engineering, biotech and business. Most of my work falls into one of the three categories below. Click below to learn more.

> Design research and innovation

I am working with Imperial College to develop the theory and practice of ritual design.

I am interested in how behavioural and system-level outcomes relate to the design of a product or technology. This has implications for design ethics, sustainability and human wellbeing.

Design for disability and “Inclusive design” are also themes I work with.

> Prototyping and creative engineering

I design and build objects and systems that require a mix of creative and technical skills.

These tend to be one-off projects, for example a test rig to answer a client’s research question, or a prototype for someone with a specific disability.

> Education, mentoring and speaking

I am a Zinc Fellow, which means I mentor startups on the Zinc VC programme, an accelerator for social impact.

I work with Institut Mines-Telecom as a content editor and moderator for their MOOC on Arduino.

I have also facilitated design thinking workshops, hackathons and sprints.

If you would like to hire me, please get in touch to arrange a chat.


I have a master's in Materials Science from Oxford University (MEng.), and worked from 2011-2014 as a consultant with Bloomberg (BNEF) where I wrote bespoke analysis of the clean energy sector for large corporations and governments. I was drawn to design by the potential for step-change innovation and real-world scaleable impact. In 2017 I graduated from the Innovation Design Engineering Master's at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College (MA MSc), where my RCA dissertation was awarded a distinction.

I work a lot with open-source software and robotics (Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Python / OpenCV / C++), digital manufacturing (CAD, 3D printing, CNC, and so on) and also more traditional fabrication techniques such as wood joinery and metalwork.